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European Mediation Training for Practitioners of Justice (with DVD)

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Arbitration in CIS Countries. Current issues

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The UNCITRAL Model Law on International Commercial Arbitration: 25 years

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Alternative Dispute Resolution in the Energy Sector

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A Selection of Pitfalls under Chinese Arbitration

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"The new EU Directive on Mediation - First Insights"

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"Arbitration and Mediation in the ACP-EU Relations"

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"Interim measures in international commercial arbitration"

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"Colloque sur le Livre Vert de la Commission européenne sur les modes alternatifs de résolution des conflits relevant du droit civil et commercial"

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About AIA in the United States

AIA opened an office in New York in the summer of 2010 to better reach audiences outside of the European community and foster healthy transatlantic dialogue about ADR. The New York office is run by Eugene Becker, who is passionate about the promotion of ADR and fostering a transatlantic dialogue in the field.

About Eugene Becker: Eugene S. Becker is the senior principal of Becker Law in New York City. He is admitted to practice before various courts in Australia and South Africa, and is licensed in New York under the Judiciary Law as a foreign lawyer. Mr. Becker has been in legal professional practice since 1981 and has, throughout much of that time, been involved in multinational litigation and arbitration projects in the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia. He develops recovery models and assists in their execution in a multijurisdictional context. Mr. Becker has written and delivered many papers on multinational litigation, with particular emphasis on developing admissible discovery and recovery within a fraud context.

In addition, AIA encourages and promotes scholarship and publication in the field of ADR. For example, we invite our members and, in particular, young practitioners to submit their works for publication in our monthly newsletter ‘In Touch’. The newsletter provides more than 40,000 practitioners and academics worldwide with the latest updates on developments in the field of ADR. In addition, represents compilation of papers presented at the AIA’s conferences organised at least twice a year and serves to enhance the knowledge and understanding of ADR.

AIA collaborates with the ADR institutions throughout the world. For example, we are actively involved in mediation through the European Network of Mediation Centres. The Network aims at the sharing of information and good practices in order to promote the use of mediation, to increase the quality of mediation and mediators and to enhance general public awareness to choose ADR as a method to resolve disputes on both domestic and international level.

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Over AIA

De Association for International Arbitration, of kortweg AIA, is een IVZW met maatschappelijke zetel in Brussel die zich inzet voor de nationale en internationale promotie en verbetering van alternatieve geschillenbeslechting en voorziet begeleiding en ondersteuning aan de verschillende aktoren binnen de ADR sector. AIA doet dit onder meer door het uitgeven van wetenschappelijke publicaties, het organiseren van brainstormingevents zoals het FBM intitiatief (future of mediation in Belgium), vergaderingen met het Ministerie van Justitie, steun aan universiteiten e.a. bij het invullen van opleidingen, conferenties, lezingen, eigen ADR-gerelateerde opleidingen en trainingen enz. AIA beoogt tevens een barometer te bieden van wat leeft en verandert binnen de ADR sector, onder andere door middel van haar maandelijkse nieuwsbrief In Touch, gelezen door meer dan 60.000 contacten wereldwijd.

De European Mediation Training for Practitioners of Justice (zie: www.EMTPJ.eu), intussen gekend als een standaard voor internationale bemiddeling en erkend door de meest prominente bemiddelingscentra binnen (en zelfs buiten) de EU. AIA heeft dit project sinds 2010 opgebouwd met de steun van de Europese Commissie. Er wordt ondermeer aangeleerd hoe men een bemiddeling voorbereidt, de partijen aan tafel brengt en een bemiddeling voert (focus commerciële bemiddeling).

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L’Association pour l’Arbitrage International (AIA) est une AISBL qui s’engage pour la promotion nationale et internationale de l’ADR. Elle aide les entrepreneurs en ce qui concerne la gestion des conflits, aide les entités ADR dans le développement de leurs activités, met des arbitres/médiateurs en contact avec les centres de l’ADR et vice-versa, place des publications, organise des brainstormingevents, conférences, séminaires, formations, présentations, etc. Elle atteint environ 60.000 contacts partout dans le monde.